Hello World! I'm Shannon. I am a follower of Jesus. A mom to my two amazing girls. I am a Teacher Assistant by morning and an afterschool counselor for my church in the afternoon. During the summers I spend my days driving a van full of tiny humans to all the coolest places in North Carolina and help them have the best summer ever. When I am not watching tiny humans I express myself creatively by capturing memories of the world around me.


10 Fun Facts about Me

1.  I love the television show Friends! Could I be anymore serious? I think not!

2.  I love bunnies.  I have 3 very spoiled bunnies who have their very own room in my home. 

3. I love to roller skate and ice skating and I do not know any tricks. I like gliding in circles though.

4. I love coffee and like the idea of tea but if given the choice...I'm going to have coffee  unless it is after 3pm then I will be drinking a caffeine free beverage because I am "that many years old" :)

5. Family game nights are my favorite way to spend the evening. Who is up for a game of UNO?

6. I love to read but don't have time for it because I work 11 hour days with children.

7. I love snow and all the wonderful activities that come with it.

8. I love hiking.

9. Road trips are my favorite way to travel.

10. I listen to my music loud...turn it up...I'm an 80's baby.

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