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This year has been hard! We want you to have a wonderful holiday season and be able to capture your family memories. So I am putting all my sessions on sale for $100 until the end of the year!                 

Family Session             $100

A one hour custom photography session for up to 6 family members within 30 minutes of Southern Pines NC.

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Lifestyle Session     $100

A lifestyle session is done in your home and captures the beauty of your everyday life.  This is a one hour session that shows off your unique family traditions and traits. You may want to document your epic family game nights or your lazy summer pool days. No matter you decide I will be right there to capture the magic of your family. 

Tiny Humans &  Fur Babies    $100

Custom one hour sessions with your tiny humans, fur babies or tiny humans and fur babies. 

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Straight out of the womb     $100

These sessions are scheduled immediately after the birth of your child. They typically take place within the first 48 hours and take place in your hospital room. 


These sessions are dependent on the hospitals current rules at the time of delivery. If your session can not take place in the hospital this session will be a lifestyle session in your home.

I will be wearing a mask for the whole session and you are welcome to do what makes you comfortable in regards to wearing a mask. 

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